Our Story

Retail Circle is helping brands and communities re-engage with their true audience.

Guillaume Barb

Retail Circle was born from my experience in Luxury retail and reinforced with strong passion for new technologies where people live and breathe excellence through data. 

Our approach being focused on real-world assets, we initiated a Web3 experiment to explore human and machine collaboration across new Phygital Experiences.

Our values

When technology and people work together, we can deliver long lasting impacts which shapes our future.

Responsability - Darkbit X Webflow Template


The quest for success never alters the elegance of the attitude.

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A hymn to emotion, an art of living each moment to make it unforgettable.

Commitment - Darkbit X Webflow Template


To be at the heart of physical and digital exchanges.

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The brand’s quest for excellence reinforces everyone’s commitment.

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Emotion is more intense when it is collective.


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